Welcome Boaters!

Welcome to America’s Boating Club of Martin County (St. Lucie River Power Squadron).  We are a social, civic and educational organization located in the Stuart, Florida area dedicated to promoting and teaching safe recreational boating.  We offer public boating safety courses, a wide range of advanced courses & seminars, free vessel safety checks, plus many other member benefits. For more details on member benefits and discounts, please visit the USPS Member Benefits page.

The St. Lucie River Power Squadron® is a unit of The United States Power Squadrons® www.USPS.org and member of The U.S. Power Squadrons District 8 in Southeast Florida. Meet our Squadron Bridge Officers.

The St. Lucie River Power Squadron was organized on December 19, 1970 and granted its charter on January 24, 1970 by the National Governing Board of USPS®. To learn more about the St. Lucie River Power Squadron go to www.SLRPS.org.

Looking for a safe boating course?  Want to earn a Florida State Boating Safety ID card?  Come take the Nationally Certified America’s Boating Course, recognized by the U.S. Coast Guard and approved by NASBLA.

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