An Educated Boater is a Safer Boater!

Learn How to Become a Safe Boater and Enjoy Boating

St. Lucie River Power Squadron offers a range of boating courses to develop and enhance safe boating skills.  Our courses begin with basic boating safety via the America’s Boating Course 3rd Edition (ABC3) that allows people to earn the Florida Boating Safety ID Card.  The ABC3 course covers both Federal and FL State boating regulations plus safety equipment requirements. The following courses are currently available to enhance your boating knowledge:

Additional courses are available to develop advanced skills including: Boat Handling, Piloting, Advanced Piloting, Celestial Navigation, and On-The-Water Training & Certification. We also offer a wide range of short 2-hour seminars on a variety of boating topics, such as Weather Forecasting, Tides & Currents, and many others.

For additional information about courses & seminars, please contact our Squadron Education Officer:  Paul Bendeck at [email protected].